Over 5 Years Experience

I have been providing Placenta Encapsulation services for over five years. In that time I have served hundreds of families. I am dedicated to making sure families have access to these services, so much so that I established Michigan Placenta Encapsulators in 2015. Placenta Encapsulation is a vital service that I am proud to provide with continued excellence. 

Innovative Standards 

Years ago, I worked in a tattoo shop as an apprentice. Part of my job was handling the used tubes and preparing them to be sterilized. The bloodbourne pathogens risk was taken extremely seriously.

When I started encapsulating, I took those same standards and applied them as closely as possible to the service of encapsulation.  I saw where things could be improved for the safety of myself and my clients. It helped me seek out the most sterile and sanitary process available. 


  • I use disposable cutting boards, surgical grade steel scissors, barriers for protection from cross contamination and strict clean up using antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal cleaners.


  • I protect myself and your placenta by wearing eye protection, hair protection, an apron, gloves and mask. All capsules are vegetarian, Kosher, Halal. I do not cut corners on the quality of my supplies. 


  • My equipment is stored free of dust and pet hair, and kept separate from items used in my household. 


Standards and Ethics

There is a lot of confusion about Placenta Encapsulation Certification.

There is no national standard as encapsulation has not been evaluated by the FDA.

Any encapsulator claiming to be certified is done through a private organization. Majority of these private organizations will only allow encapsulation in the client's home.  Due to the amount of specialized equipment and my innovative sanitation procedures, this is not an option. 

I created an organization that requires members uphold to a standard and code of ethics. This organization acts similarly to a certifying agency; providing assurance to the families that hire us that they will receive safe and quality encapsulations. 

  • I am Bloodbourne Pathogens Certified through the American Red Cross. 

I am Serv Safe Certified.