"Well I just had my first Reiki session and a tarot reading. It was incredible. I swear, if it's possible to have an out of body experience, I did.. Between that and actually seeing an Indian and wolf, let's just say, it was crazy.. If anyone has an interest check out Laurel Miller at Guided Passage." -JL

"I initially came to Laurel when I was in the midst of a deep inner turmoil—my life seemed to be at a crossroads where I felt lost as to which path to turn towards, and something inside seemed achingly broken and unsettled despite my efforts to heal.

My time with Laurel proved to be SO much more than a standard reading! Her insight through Tarot blew me away with its accuracy and Reiki with her was beautifully moving on a physical, mental and emotional level. The insight I received through her intuitive abilities allowed me to tap into my inner being and break the many walls that had been holding me back. However, the magic really happened in the weeks after my session, as I felt the newfound openness and healing of my own Divine energy and light that had been stifled for so long.

Laurel’s approach to her work comes from a place of compassion and a raw eagerness to allow Spirit to show love and guide us. She takes her time and speaks from the heart, which is such a treasure in our fast-paced world. Thank you, Laurel!" - KM

"Laurel is a wonderful to work with, a natural healer (and intuitive). My session with her was filled with light and laughter in her very peaceful environment."- A

"I sought guidance from Laurel at the end of my pregnancy because I was feeling scattered and frustrated. She and I did a long-distance reading over Skype and I am so glad that I reached out to her. She offered solid encouragement and advice through her reading, which was very accurate and wonderfully thorough. I feel much more at peace and excited about my upcoming labor and birth. Thank you, Laurel."-LF