Reiki and Meditation

I started practicing Reiki in the fall of 2012. I fell in love with the intuitive connection I felt as I worked with individuals. In 2014 I became a Reiki Master and performed my first attunements. I found that tarot and oracle card readings are a fantastic way to gain insight and connection into an individuals life before reiki practice. I then take that information and lead clients through a brief guided meditation that helps encourage the mind and body to relax. Once the meditation is completed our reiki session will begin. 

As of Fall 2016 I can only provide this service in your home. Fees begin at $100 per hour for the Metro Detoit Area. Additional service radius is available for an additional fee. 

Check out this meditation recorded with Artist Bowmanism in 2016. 

This meditation was designed to help you connect into your heart chakra.

Watch this amazing video to learn more about Reiki!