Who is Laurel Miller? 

People know you see their soul.
People come to you because they know you see their soul and they want their soul transformed.
You see their soul in a way that others don’t. Including themselves.
— Kaypacha
Garden of The Gods, Colorado 2016

Garden of The Gods, Colorado 2016

My name is Laurel Miller and I am a lifelong intuitive with a passion for  energetic healing, art, astrology, tarot and rebirthing.

I heard the calling to become a doula over 10 years ago and in 2012 I launched Guided Passage LLC to follow that calling. I served over 50 families as doula and student midwife before experiencing pregnancy, birth and postpartum first hand.  The birth of my son in 2013 brought the importance of other healing practices to light.

I suffered from a tremendous amount of postpartum anxiety, but used Placenta smoothies, Reiki and other natural healing methods to help get back on my feet.  I recognized that it was time to refocus Guided Passage on offering the services that had helped me recover the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. 

In 2014 I  attained Reiki Master certification,  although I had been practicing energetic healing for many years.  Over the last year working as a Master, my own unique gifts have surfaced. Integrating card readings alongside the reiki, as well as the receiving of intuitive messages, sessions are insightful, powerful, but still leave my clients feeling relaxed and recharged

I am LGBT friendly, as well as has a long, passionate history with working with  women, teens, children, and families; including working with refugee families and doing medical missions.

As a mother, and multipassionate entrepreneur:  

I strive to be a strong, spiritual, skilled and compassionate  witness to all. 

Helping people heal is my calling, passion and life.  

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