What is laurel up to?

You may notice that there are services I no longer can offer. I love to follow my heart, my interests and passion.

Over the years I have been fortunate to have served in a number of different careers and roles. I see that they are all important pieces of the puzzle to what my life looks like today.  

Great Wild Coffee.png

Great Wild Coffee LLC

My husband and I are coffee snobs. One of our favorite things in the world is good coffee. Our experiences in the coffee industry and passion for expertly roasted coffee has lead us to launch Great Wild Coffee LLC. Small batch, expertly roasted coffee that drives your day with purpose and passion. 


Aerial Arts

If not roasting coffee, I am training as an aerialist. I love aerial silks, cube, lyra, and trapeze. I am in process of certifying through Born to Fly for Level 1 Silks and Trapeze. 

Performances are available to be booked through www.RitualCrow.com