Astrology can help us in only three ways. It can vividly portray the happiest life available to us. It can tell us what tools we have available for the job and how best to employ them. And it can warn us in advance about how our lives will look when we are getting off the mark. From that point on, we must affirm that all choices lie in our own hands and that no planet or sign ever preordains a specific fate.
— Stephen Forrest, from The Inner Sky


Astrology is the relationship of the Earth & Celestial

patterns of the planets, stars and asteroids. 

The moment  we are born and take in our first breath, we

embody the cosmic make up of the universe and those planetary bodies.

Your birth chart is an assessment of this alignment! 

Different planets and aspects represent different parts of our personality. 

What does your moment of birth say about you?

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