Tarot Readings

Someone once told me we have more nerve endings in our guts than in our brains. It only took a moment for me to think about a time when my stomach or “gut” reacted in a way telling me that what I was doing was or wasn’t right.

That “gut feeling” or intuition is something that I have learned to listen to. It has enabled me to go places and do things that my “rational” brain would have never allowed.

I often find myself awake at night pondering life and my commitments. By allowing myself to meditate and turn off the rational brain and allow the gut to speak, it provides a clearer message and picture. It doesn’t make providing the desired outcome much easier, but knowing and feeling a sense  that a course of action is right, helps you have a sense of self confidence in your actions.

One that may not have existed if you are not aware of that gut intuitive sense. 

Learn to tap into your Intuition! 

Intuitive Counseling and Tarot Readings

  • Tarot Readings for Bachelorette, Birthday Parties, and other Special Events are available. Contact me for more information! 
  • Phone and Internet Readings start at $50 per hour.